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Footprint02 Features MEME™ Technology


“Here’s the controller for the MEME Technology for the Footprint02. You have your HiFi setting, your flat setting, your old-school setting, and your cube setting. You just connect the provided cable right into your MEME controller, and it goes right into the MEME in. With the MEME Technology, I didn’t get it before, I thought it was just the EQ curve, but it’s way more than that. MEME does a great job of emulating a HiFi speaker, a flat and detailed response, old-school emulates an NS-10, the cube emulates the Avantone Mixcube. I’ve owned each and every one of these monitors, and I could tell you that it’s spot on.

This quality monitor with this feature set, you start to understand that this is kind of the only monitor you’re going to need.

The HiFi, you can nail your top end. Flat, you nail the entire frequency range. With old-school, you can nail the mid-range. With cube, you could take all the hype out, highs and lows, and really nail the mid-range. Frequency response, the transient response, the dynamic range, and a little bit of EQ. So it’s changing your monitors in four different ways. The FootprintO2s let you have great monitor speaker emulations. It’s also such a great magnifying glass for each and every important frequency range, tonal range in your mix. This quality monitor with this feature set, you start to understand that this is kind of the only monitor you’re going to need.” – ZndBorn Mixed It (Engineer & Digital Creator)


MEME™ Technology stands for “Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation”. By utilizing advanced DSP modeling, we deliver the distinct voicing characteristics and responses found in renowned studio nearfield monitors. With our product, you can conveniently experience different voices using the four-position wired remote. This allows you to preview your mix on various speaker types, all from the same stereo position, eliminating the need for multiple speaker systems and the associated clutter. The four available settings are as follows:

“Old School”: This setting captures the essence of the widely recognized NS10M monitors. It reduces sub-bass and top-end information while emphasizing mid-range presence.

“Cube”: A tribute to the nostalgic aura of classic full-range micro monitors from the past, this setting proves valuable in the present era dominated by laptops, tablets, and earbuds.

“Hi-Fi”: By enhancing the high-end frequencies and warming the mid-range, this setting emulates the characteristics of consumer hi-fi systems. It serves as the ideal option for quick artist playback or when listening to personal favorites in the studio.

“Flat”: As expected, this prized default setting offers the authentic and revealing Barefoot Sound experience, providing a true representation of audio without alterations.

With our Multi-Emphasis Monitor Emulation™ technology, you can effortlessly explore different monitoring perspectives, making informed decisions about your mix without the need for multiple speaker setups.


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