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Kenny Beats and his Footprint02 Studio Monitors

Producer and beatmaker supreme, Kenny Beats on the versatility of Barefoot Sound’s Footprint02 3-way active monitors.

“The first time I ever used Barefoots, I think was with Skrillex downtown in LA maybe 10 years ago. And I honestly always saw them as big studio speakers. You had to be in like an A-list room or you never saw them. So to be able to have a Barefoot that you can just bring to your house, you can bring in the road with you. I’ve taken these on road trips, I’ve used them in my living room, I’ve used them in studios. It’s a thing I never thought was possible. And to have a speaker that does everything without needing a sub for the kind of music I make, it just couldn’t be more valuable. So Barefoot a shout out to you.” – Kenny Beats

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