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Shinola – Powered by Barefoot Sound

Barefoot partnered with Detroit-based luxury brand, Shinola to create a bookshelf speaker system with Bluetooth®. Barefoot Sound and the Shinola Audio team have built an exciting new product that is as comfortable in a recording studio as it is in your home. Barefoot’s approached to building this powered speaker is the same as any other Barefoot speaker, always bringing a level of sonic excellence, once reserved for music producers, to the Shinola customer.

“Working with Shinola has been an amazing experience,” says Barefoot Sound founder Thomas Barefoot. “I grew up in Pittsburgh which has a similar riches-to-rust story as Detroit. Creating US jobs while building incredible products is Barefoot Sound’s mission. I can’t think of a better way to enter the consumer space than partnering with a company that so deeply shares our core values. I’m very excited about this collaboration and bringing studio level sound to a wider audience with this new bookshelf speaker.”

The speakers are assembled and tested at the Barefoot Sound factory in Portland, Oregon. LEARN MORE

The Shinola Bookshelf Speakers are available in a Black or Natural finish.

The Shinola Bookshelf Speakers are assembled and tested at the Barefoot Sound factory in Portland, Oregon.

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