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Barefoot Monitor Unboxing Tutorial

The video above is a tutorial on how to safely unbox your Barefoot Sound studio monitors.

STEP 1: It takes 2 people to unbox monitors
STEP 2: Place box right side up on a large clean stable surface
STEP 3: With a utility knife gently slice open first layer of box along the tapeline
STEP 4: Gently roll over box 90 degrees
STEP 5: Slide off top layer box by lifting up
STEP 6: Gently slice open second layer of box along the tapeline
STEP 7: Remove accessory box
STEP 8: Roll box 90 degrees again
STEP 9: Lift box up off monitor
STEP 10: Open clear plastic protective bag
STEP 11: Gently roll over 90 degrees again
STEP 12: Carefully lift monitor and put in place
STEP 13: For monitors with handles attach them now
STEP 14: Attach MEME Technology Controller
STEP 15: Save all packaging

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